Fun Events to Join, Host, and Share

We have lots of activities and events for your pro-life clubs, communities, schools, or even yourself! Pick a few or all of these events and try to get a bunch of your friends together to join you. These events are perfect for any pro-life club or school group.

2016 Pro-Life Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 1st – 31st 

American Life League is rolling out the 2016 Pro-Life Pumpkin Carving Contest. Submit photos of your pro-life jack-o’-lantern and enter to win a pair of National Pro-Life T-Shirts. Learn more and submit your photos here.

#SeeDignity in those with disabilities

December 3rd 

Individuals with disabilities, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, birth defects, ADHD, and more are sometimes mistakenly seen as a “burden.” All human beings, regardless of any disabilities, deserve to be respected as individuals possessing their own unique dignity! On this day do 1 act of kindness for someone with a disability and post a photo with #SeeDignity. Click here to learn more.

#SeeDignity in women

March 8th  

In our society, women are oftentimes targets of abuse. Pressures from others to use contraception and abort their babies have been proven to harm women, causing complications and even death, not to mention the death of their child.  Women deserve better! Women deserve to know the truth and to be respected as human beings. Click here to learn more.

#SeeDignity in the elderly

June 1st  

Euthanasia is when a person’s death is intentionally brought on by a third party including, but not limited to, members of the medical profession. The elderly are targeted as the primary victims of euthanasia. Every human being’s life is worth living regardless of age, illness, or circumstances! Click here to learn more.

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day 2017

April 21st   

Simply wear any pro-life T-shirt on April 21 while at school, at home, or out and about. Make sure you share a picture on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter using #NPLTD17! To learn more click here.

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day



National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day!

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day!




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