APRIL 21, 2017

One day to wear your favorite pro-life T-shirt everywhere you go!



Simply wear any pro-life T-shirt on April 21 while at school, at home, or out and about. Make sure you share a picture on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter using #NPLTD17!NPLTD17_store



We have a limited supply of Official 2017 National Pro-Life T-Shirts. These super soft blue tees carry a powerful, yet subtle message of seeing the dignity in preborn babies.

Click on the image now to get your Limited Edition NPLTD 2017 tee.




Why do you guys do this?

American Life League has hosted NPLTD many times since the 1990s and our goal has always remained the same: to empower young people to speak up and defend the innocent babies killed through abortion.

Where should I wear my shirt?

We encourage you to wear your T-shirt everywhere you go all day long. You could wear it to school, to work, to the store, or around the neighborhood.

Will I get in trouble for wearing my pro-life shirt in school?

We are honored to announce that if any student is prohibited or penalized by his school for wearing a pro-life T-shirt, we have the Thomas More Law Center on board with attorneys willing to help you! You can contact them by phone at 735-827-2001, via e-mail at info@thomasmore.org, or by filling out this form at thomasmore.org/npltday-help/.

Can I wear any pro-life T-shirt?

Of course! We encourage you to wear your favorite pro-life tee. You could even make your own; but our Limited Edition ones are always very popular!



NPLTD is a collaborative effort of many different organizations, groups, and religious leaders to encourage individuals within their local areas to defend the innocent babies. In order to make this day a success we look for co-sponsors all around the country willing to share our materials on social media, hang some flyers around buildings, and pass out brochures. It’s as simple as that!

If you are interested in helping the people in your community stand up for the preborn during this day, please contact us!

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