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A Selfie with Sandra Bullock

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

When you see a beautiful sunset, do you take a picture of it or do you put yourself in front of the camera and then snap the picture? When you are at the gym feeling good about yourself, do you stop what you’re doing to take a selfie? Be honest, do you ever take a selfie 20 times trying to find the perfect angle? We all have.

I came to a major realization the other day. When I see something beautiful, like a nature scene, I usually take a selfie with my face blocking most of it. Or when I see something exciting or interesting, my first reaction is to take a selfie by it. I put myself in front of the beauty or the remarkable thing I’m trying to capture.

We are living in a world taken over by the selfie phenomenon. We have Instagram, Snapchat, and songs all pushing the selfie mentality on us. We think that the world wants to see us at any given point during the day, doing even inane things.

Since when did it become normal or okay to put ourselves before everything else? Instead of watching and appreciating what is before our eyes, we immediately go into “me” zone and think about ourselves.

Sandra’s thoughts

Even movie star Sandra Bullock thinks the selfie trend is too much. Bullock declared she “cringes at the idea of posting a slew of happy selfies for the world to ‘like.’” She pointed out that, in selfies, people try to show off their most perfect self and that these pictures often do not show reality, but merely a façade. People share photos when they look good, look happy, or look fit. Our generation is under an immense amount of pressure to capture ourselves in perfection. “It’s this false projection of one’s life,” she asserted.

Bullock continued, “I think it’s frightening for kids and young people developing who they are to have that false sense of acceptance based on an image. . . . How do you unravel that when it’s being pushed hard?”

Change our focus

We are the ones taking the pictures and spending hours refreshing our pages to see others. We need to take our lives back!

We need to focus on others and stop thinking that the world revolves around us. This is the same mentality behind the “pro-abortion” or “pro-choice” argument. It argues that we must put ourselves before our own child; even to the point of death!

It’s time to break away from the self-centered trend controlling our lives. Let’s demonstrate to our loved ones, friends, and peers that we respect their lives, our lives, and the beauty God created on this earth by pushing the selfie mentality aside. Learn to care for others, to see through their eyes, and to treat them as we would like to be treated. Once we do this, we will begin to foster an appreciation for every human being’s life, born and preborn!




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