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12 Signs You Grew Up with Siblings

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Blog |

As the oldest of five, I understand that having siblings can be tough. No matter our age, we fight over the silliest stuff, do some pretty stupid things, and definitely get on each other’s nerves. As I look at all the crazy antics siblings take part in, I remember we only act this way because we are so close.
In a world where big families are frequently frowned upon, here’s to loving all human beings—including our siblings—at each and every moment

1. The front seat is a must-have territory.

siblings front seat

 2. Your bedroom is easily invaded or shared!

sibling annoy

3. Control over the remote is nothing to joke about.

siblings remote

 4. You have nicknames for them that never leave the walls of the house.

sibling names

5. Sharing can be a struggle.

sibling sharing

6. Your favorite food must be protected.

sibling food

7. Annoying them is your job.

sibling annoy 2

8. Games may get out of hand…

sibling board game

9. Everything is a competition.

sibling contest

10. The pranks are never ending.

sibling prank

11. Road trips are a test of your patience.

sibling road trip

12. Quiet dinners do not exist.

sibling dinner


Share this post if you can relate! Send us more ideas and we’ll make a part 2.

Now go hug your sibling(s) 😉




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