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5 Awesome Babies

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Think about your reaction when a baby smiles at you. Maybe you’re on the Metro, in church, or at the grocery store and a little baby gives you a smile out of nowhere. It is almost impossible to not smile back at the cutie.

We automatically smile because in our hearts we know that babies are a special blessing who bring joy into our lives. Whether the child was born with a disability, born prematurely, or maybe born into a broken home, he still brings his beautiful and innocent smile with him wherever he goes!

Along with this joy that babies bring, we often catch them doing hilarious things. Here are five babies whose awesomeness simply cannot be contained!

1. The food lover

baby food

2. The “this just got real” baby

baby shocked

3. The “I’m just messing with you” baby

baby messing

4. The serious sports fan baby

baby sports

5. The smooth dancer

baby dancing





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