Let’s Be Honest: The Whole Idea of Abortion Confuses Me

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How many of you say you are “pro-life” or “pro-abortion” yet never really want to discuss it? You may fear that you either do not know the subject well enough to talk about it or that you somehow misunderstand it.

Honestly, that describes how I was in high school and most of college. I would repeatedly affirm that, no matter what, I was pro-life, but I was silently uneasy about the subject. I feared that I would be unable to have an intelligent conversation about abortion because I was ignorant of the details about fetal development and the laws permitting and restricting abortion. So on most occasions I avoided the subject.

However, I always had questions. I would think to myself: I need to know scientifically when human beings begin so that I can prove abortion is killing and then educate others about this.

Thus, in my junior year of college I saved “abortion” as one of the key terms in my online news feed so I could begin to see what was going on in the world regarding abortion. To no surprise it seemed like it was always a hot topic fraught with confusion and confliction. People were either writing about how abortion was criminal and the murder of a human or how abortion was a needed right for women.

With such a disparity and pressure, what the heck is a girl to think?

I then realized that I could read all the opinion articles I wanted to, but that they would not necessarily give me the affirmation for which I was looking. I wanted a clear-cut and scientific explanation that proved that abortion was murder.

After some serious research, I found the proof I needed. If you think back to biology class, you may remember the five characteristics of living things. The Basics of Biology offers a quick refresher, but this scientific textbook states that all living things have five characteristics:

  1. They are highly organized.
  2. They have the ability to obtain materials and energy.
  3. They respond to their environment.
  4. They adapt.
  5. They reproduce.

It is scientifically proven that, at the exact moment a sperm and oocyte meet, this tiny and newly created embryo has all five characteristics! The embryo is highly organized as it carries genetic information that will determine all of the person’s physical characteristics along with much of his intelligence. The embryo has the ability to obtain energy and materials. The embryo responds and adapts to his new environment. Lastly, the embryo can reproduce (the cells divide again and again, and later the person can reproduce other members).

This is the science I had always searched for!

That moment when the sperm meets the oocyte is the exact second a human being begins. After that, the human continues to develop physically and mentally for the rest of his life! From that moment on, this new human being inside his mother has his own unique DNA that is part of his own body, not his mother’s!

Abortion does not need to be a scary topic or a source of confusion. Life begins at creation—the moment the sperm and oocyte meet. Science proves it! This is not opinion.

There’s the scientific truth ladies and gentlemen. Now spread the word far and wide!




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