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Let’s Talk About Mercy

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Blog |

The other day I was listening to an interview of a woman speaking about her abortion. The doctors had told her that her baby would be born with some serious medical issues, including being mentally disabled. The mother was understandably devastated by the news her child would grow up with such a harsh disability. Everything about her story sounded like a Hallmark movie until she mentioned the doctor’s advice. The doctor told her the humane thing to do would be to ‘terminate’ her pregnancy, which is a fancy word for ending her baby’s life.

What the doctor said surprised me because they’re required to take an oath to protect the lives of their patients at all costs. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Hippocratic oath? But here was this doctor advising a hurting mother that her best option was to kill her baby. The worst part was that the mother agreed. After discussing the options with her husband they both agreed to kill their child so he wouldn’t have to grow up mentally disabled.

So when did we start applying the same logic we use for animals to people?! The child isn’t a dog! You don’t just ‘put him down’ cuz he’s sick. That’s not how you treat people! Seriously. But that is exactly what these parents did. They decided that child’s life was NOT WORTH LIVING. I’m fairly certain that’s the same logic Hitler used when dealing with the Jews. I could go on for hours ranting about how messed up this is, but I won’t. The point is, we have completely abandoned common sense as a nation. We’re so screwed up, that we have confused the meaning of mercy with murder.

How did we end up in a situation where doctors can advise the murdering of their patients as a merciful solution to a sad problem? Let me pose a scenario to you, and hopefully you’ll see the answer to this question. Let’s say you live on an island with a bunch of other people. In the beginning, everyone on the island believes in God. All of their laws, on the island, are based on obeying God’s laws. Then, one day, all the teachers and lawmakers on the islands decide they don’t like God anymore. So they take God out of the laws, forbid you to talk about Him in public, and relegate God to Sunday worship in private for those who still believe. Now it’s time to make a new law, but since no one likes God anymore what do you base the laws on? The people of the island decide they will now base laws on what they like or dislike, and ignore the moral laws of God. That island is America.

We are no longer “one nation under God” and that is why we have doctors advising women to murder their unborn children, or telling a sick patient that suicide is a noble way to die. If the laws all revolve around what we want, then what good do they do? That means they can be changed whenever it suits us. So if a mom finds out her baby may be born with a birth defect, she can decide whether or not that child’s life is worth living. That scares me senseless. Place yourself in the shoes of a child with some disability and ask yourself if you’d still like to be alive. I’d much rather spend my entire life in a wheelchair than be dead. And so would those poor babies being killed because their life supposedly “isn’t worth living.” How arrogant are we that we think we should have the right to decide who lives and who dies?

All lives matters. From the tiniest baby to the oldest person alive, we are all important, and we all have a role to play in this world. It is NOT OUR PLACE to decide who enters and who exits this world. We are not gods. Far from it, because we are the single most flawed creatures on earth. No other species fights like we do, kills our own like we do, or causes as much pain as we do. Trusting us with decisions involving life and death is asking for trouble.




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