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Four Reasons You Need to Become an Agitator

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: The key to success is becoming an agitator. That’s right, you didn’t misread that. If you want to change the world, you have to become an agitator. What does that mean? It means that if you want something, you have to be willing to disrupt the status quo; you have to be willing to get off your couch and take action. Today, I’m here to tell you why our world NEEDS you to start agitating society every chance you get.

1. Problems don’t fix themselves.

Have you ever been hungry and a hamburger simply floated into your hands? If you have, then God bless you; your life is charmed. But if you’re like me, when you’re hungry, you have to somehow find or make something to eat. Though just an example, the idea behind this teaches us something about actions. We live in a sick world—a world that cannot heal itself. The only way to facilitate healing is to take action—to get our hands dirty and do the hard work now so that we can enjoy a better tomorrow.

2. The rights of every human being are disappearing.

Did you know there are places in the world where sick people are killed or denied medical treatment because their “quality of life” is not as great as yours or mine? In England the courts have decided that parents can legally kill their children if they suffer from severe health conditions. That’s exactly what happened to 12-year-old Nancy, who was very ill and born blind. Her mother decided that poor Nancy was suffering too much and that it would be merciful to have her killed. The courts agreed, and Nancy was murdered by medical injection. She was a 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL! Her right to life was taken away by the government and her sick mother. If that can happen in England, you better believe it can happen here in the US. It’s up to people like you and me to stand up for the right to life of all human beings before that right is taken away.

3. If you don’t take action, nobody will.

Someone told me that he didn’t need to speak up about the injustices of our world because that’s what politicians are for. Excuse me while I laugh. When was the last time a politician really did you a favor? Let me give you an example of how that works. You elect a politician who swears he’s pro-life. Two years later he votes on a piece of legislation that prevents most abortions, but allows some in special circumstances. Meanwhile, you’re scratching your head wondering if that fool somehow believes that the rights of babies don’t matter in certain circumstances. This is the dilemma you face when trusting the system. My advice is DON’T TRUST THE SYSTEM. No one will fix the world for you. This is why you have to become an agitator. You are the only hope for defenseless preborn babies and other people who are at risk.

4. Freedom isn’t free.

Here in America we love being free. You can say whatever you want to whomever you want and it’s considered a constitutional right. But lately, that’s becoming less and less true. Consider David Daleiden, the gentleman who filmed the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood. His videos are by all rights protected under the constitutional guarantee of the 1st Amendment. Yet, he has had his name and reputation run through the mud. That is the power of the media. But it won’t stop at David. There will come a time when you will be publically shamed for holding beliefs that aren’t supported by the media. Now is a time for sacrifice, because freedom isn’t free. In the past our freedom has been won for us by brave men and women of action who fought to keep us free. Now the battle has shifted. Whereas our forefathers fought off the physical threats of tyrants like Hitler, our fight is right here in our homes. The time has come to take a stand against injustice.

These four simple reasons you need to become an agitator should spur you to action. Start by learning more about the issues you face in your community, your state, and your country. Study the Constitution, learn what your rights are, and zealously guard those rights. Remember, you are the only line of defense between your rights and their destruction. If we all stand up together—each of us agitating the system and disrupting the status quo—we can accomplish great things. And maybe, just maybe, we can provide a better future for everyone—from the preborn child to the oldest among us.




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