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ATTENTION SENIORS: Last Minute Bucket List

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

If you’re a senior in college, you’re probably experiencing a wide array of emotions. Trust me, I graduated last May and I can still remember how I felt as a senior in my last month of college. Though I was excited for my future, I was also scared to death. I was sad to leave my home and the friends who had surrounded me the last four years. But then some days I would feel so sick of college and absolutely pumped to leave.

We must face the truth. As seniors, your emotions can be all over the place.

These emotions are simply a reaction to the impending new chapter in life. You have big things ahead of you. Who knows what you will accomplish! But before you set out to accomplish those dreams, take a look at some last minute bucket list items you must complete!

1. Thank your favorite professor

If an awesome professor has impacted your life, make sure to thank him. A little thanks will go a long way.


2. Do something randomly fun with your friends

I’m guilty of making a blanket fort in the hallway with popcorn and a movie in my old college dorm. Seriously, get creative with your friends!

3. Join a random club

Why not? See if your campus has a pro-life club and check it out. It’s your last couple months and nothing should hold you back. You could meet some great people.

4. Have a picnic

This is so much fun! All you need is a basket, a blanket, some sandwiches, and your friends!

5. Have a friendly competition

Pie eating contests are always a lot of fun, especially when they are spontaneous.

6. Volunteer off campus

Give a little back to the community that has surrounded you. You could volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center, an elderly home, or a soup kitchen. Even just an hour or two of volunteering could mean the world to someone.

7. Spread the cheer

Here’s a challenge: Put your phone away and try to smile at everyone you pass one day. This is your campus and you will soon be moving on. Take it all in.

8. Hike

Enjoy the outdoors. See if there is a local place to go hiking near your school.

9. Stop by your campus chapel

Even if you have never walked into the chapel before, just stop by to take a few moments to yourself and God to reflect on the time you have spent there.

10. Enjoy yourself!

These are your last few weeks in college. Spend time with your friends and do some fun activities that make you smile. This is your campus; go out with a bang!





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