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Katie Meade is the 10%

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Blog |

Who doesn’t love feeling empowered? Feeling confident, loved, and beautiful gives us enormous strength!

One young lady exemplifies the model of true empowerment. She is breaking down barriers and showing the world that loving yourself for who you are is truly a beautiful thing.

This young woman’s name is Katie Meade, and she is the face for a new hair care line called Beauty & Pin-Ups. This 32 year old is the “first woman with Down syndrome to be featured as the face of a beauty campaign.” As you can see in her gorgeous photos, she literally radiates with joy.

Meade said she has this sense of confidence and joy because, “people see me for who I am and they see me not as someone with a disability, but that I have ability.”

Katie’s story

You may see this successful woman and think her life is perfect. But Katie, like all of us, has overcome some true hardships. She often struggled in school, recalling that, “Kids would make fun of me. I wasn’t always accepted by the ‘normal’ kids and that hurt.” On top of the bullying as a child, she underwent not one, but two open heart surgeries.

However, Katie did not let these struggles get the best of her. Her strength and determination led her to where she is now—the face of a beauty campaign. Down syndrome has made her unique, confident, and beautiful inside and out!

The scary truth

So many pregnant mothers use prenatal screenings to determine if their preborn child has Down syndrome. The worst part about this is that a staggering 90 percent of these mothers choose abortion rather than give birth to a baby who MIGHT have Down syndrome. Ninety percent of these babies die by surgical abortion.

Women are likely scared to have a baby with Down syndrome because they may think the child will struggle his whole life. Then we see women like Katie who has a wonderful life! She has impacted millions of people. And she was among the 10 percent who lived. She is among the 10 percent not aborted! Just think about the other 90 percent who didn’t live. Think about the wasted potential. What could these people have done?


As a society we need to start empowering all women! This includes empowering women to be brave and choose life for their babies, no matter the disability. It includes empowering women to see Down syndrome as a beautiful gift, not a problem! And it includes empowering women to see that they and their child are beautiful human beings who have the strength and confidence to accomplish their dreams!

When each and every one of us takes it upon ourselves to empower others, there is no limit to the lives we can impact.

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