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What is Truth?

by | Apr 9, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

With Easter having just passed, I would wager that many of us heard this phrase sometime over the past few weekends, “What is Truth?” This is the famous question that Pontius Pilate asked of Jesus. Fast forward 2000 years and it’s the same question that many people like you and I ask ourselves every day. We live in a society that honestly wants us to believe that universal truth doesn’t exist anymore. Everything our society touches is instantly perverted, yet the majority of us don’t see it because we’re all too busy trying to figure out “what is truth?”

Truth is not a personal belief. This is the fundamental mistake of most people around the world, to assume that something is true because we want it to be true. This is how women like Cecile Richards attempt to justify abortion, by lying to themselves and others about the murder of helpless babies. In her case, she wants to believe that these children are not really humans, therefore she’s not endorsing murder. But believing in a lie does not somehow make it the truth.

The truth is often inconvenient, and normally it is not what you want it to be. This is why people lie, because the truth is a difficult thing to accept. Organizations like Planned Parenthood rely on the truth being too hard to accept. The government relies on the truth being hard to accept. As humans we often seek the path of least resistance, the easy way out. But in order to find the truth, you have to dig deep and force yourself to accept the pain and hardship that comes with knowing the truth.

So what is truth? Truth is what’s left over when you eliminate all the impossibilities. It’s the one path that leads in the right direction. In the case of abortion, it’s obvious. Those are babies being killed every single day in abortion facilities around the world. Corrupt doctors have tried to tell us that they’re not babies until they are born, they are “simply” embryos. But now that we know how to find the truth, we can see through the faulty logic of these disturbed medical practitioners. Let’s eliminate all the impossibilities. Is there a chance that embryo will be born as a rock? Or a lion? Or an elephant? NO.

Now that we have removed all the impossible options, let’s consider what’s left over. Does that embryo contain human DNA? Have human features? Have a beating human heart? YES. So what is truth? In this case, the truth is that these are human beings that are killed every single day while we sit idly by. Now you have a choice to make, will you embrace that inconvenient truth and do something about it, or will you pretend it doesn’t exist and go back to doing nothing?

Have you ever heard the saying “knowledge is power?” Guess what, knowledge is based on the truth. As the most advanced and intelligent species on earth, we have an obligation to be caretakers of this marvelous world we’ve inherited. I call this burden of being stewards of creation, the mantle of responsibility. In essence, this means that every single one of us is called to become a protector of life, especially human life, the most valuable of all the gifts God gave us. So what will it be: Are you ready to take up your responsibility?

If you are, then you know the answer to the question: “What is Truth?”




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