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Only the Perfect Survive

by | May 9, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Imagine a world in which only the perfect survive.

If you have a disability, you are killed. If you have a physical imperfection, such as a cleft lip, you are killed. If you are not strong, fast, or athletic enough, you are killed. This seems crazy, right?

Now look at the world we live in today. Children are killed for having a cleft lip or a club foot. Babies who are diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted because of their disability. Globally, baby girls are killed because they are not the son the parents wanted.

We live in a world where children are killed based on their sex, race, color, disabilities, and birth defects!

Why are we killing our own children because they do not meet our standard for “perfect”?

How can we as a society kill 90 percent of babies with Down syndrome, yet then host events such as the Special Olympics in which many people with Down syndrome are honored for their talent? If we truly believed that Down syndrome does not define a person, but actually makes the soul more beautiful, then we wouldn’t kill these people before birth. If we really saw value in the life of a child with a club foot or cleft lip, we would not end their lives before birth.

The mentality of the people in our society must change. We cannot say that just some human beings are worth living. This attitude is not only unacceptable, it’s wicked!

We know that every human being—born and preborn—is beautiful, unique, and made in the image of God, who created us out of pure love. To change the mentality of people today, we must spread this loving message far and wide. We must encourage mothers to keep their babies even if they may have a disability. Every human being is valuable; every human being is loved; and every human being is wanted. Disabilities do not define us as human beings!




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