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5 Ways to Live Summer to Its Fullest

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Blog |

Who doesn’t love summertime? With sunshine, beach trips, lemonade, and a break from school, summer can be a relaxing time. You can take a step back and truly enjoy life. Summer can be a time to appreciate your friends, family, and those around you. And it can be a time to do some acts of kindness.

These five simple acts can help you live your summer to the fullest by appreciating the life around you!

1. Send cards to sick children

Take just a few minutes to create a card or two for children suffering from a serious illness and who are fighting for their lives. This gesture demonstrates to these children why it’s important to show love for other human beings. Just by creating a unique card solely for them, you show that their life has tremendous value. I promise, you will help brighten a child’s day!

2. Donate your old clothes

Take an hour or two and clean out that crammed closet of yours. Your old jeans may be another person’s best jeans. Every person has dignity and deserves access to clean clothes. By giving clothes to someone who needs them, you not only affirm his dignity, but you are living out one of the corporal works of mercy.

3. Make cookies for local volunteers

Think about all the volunteers around you. I think about the kind volunteers at my old elementary school, my church, the fire station, and my local crisis pregnancy center. They all spend their free time helping others. How marvelous would it be to selflessly make them cookies one day? This small act of kindness shares love with others who may never expect it.

4. Volunteer at a CPC

Volunteer at your local crisis pregnancy center. The staff members spend their days helping women who are scared because of an unplanned pregnancy. These centers are always looking for some extra hands. You can physically help build a culture of life by volunteering for the wonderful moms who know their babies deserve protection.


5. Give out refreshing drinks

The heat of the summer can be draining, and a cold refreshing drink helps rejuvenate. Think about those who suffer through the heat in order to perform a public service. When you see these people, such as your mail carrier or your garbage men, offer some homemade lemonade, ice tea, or a glass of ice water. Performing this small act of kindness shows that you see dignity in others and appreciate each and every person. Plus you may brighten their day as they work hard in the summer heat.


These five ways help you live summer to its fullest by spreading kindness and affirming the dignity of God’s children. I challenge you to come up with your own ways. If you do, share them with us on our site!




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