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A Beautiful Testament to Pro-Life Activism

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Blog |

This story reminds us all of the power and beauty behind pro-life activism.

In 2014, a young woman named Rebecca Rizzi discovered she was pregnant. Alone and terrified, she went by herself to Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Arizona, seeking an abortion. As she walked in, she noticed the pro-life activists outside the clinic, but continued pushing herself to enter the clinic. As she sat there, thoughts about her baby filled her head and she knew deep down that those protestors outside were defending the sanctity of life. Needing some fresh air, Rizzi walked outside the clinic and was met by supportive counselors who ultimately changed her mind about abortion.

Rebecca Rizzi is now a 26-year-old mother of two beautiful twins and proudly proclaims that, by giving life to her girls, she has learned and grown a lot. She has learned the value of motherhood and how “to be a stronger person and to achieve new goals.”

Courtesy Rebecca Rizzi Facebook

Courtesy Rebecca Rizzi Facebook

She now uses her story to help other women make similar decisions. She told The Blaze,

To any women contemplating abortion, I beg you to seek other options. . . . There are many clinics, doctors, organizations and ministries that dedicate themselves to helping women in your situation. They want to help you. Do not let anyone force or intimidate you into making a choice that cannot be reversed.

Rebecca thought abortion was the only option for her, but now her life is filled with two beautiful girls who look up to their mommy.

This quote from one of the ladies who has stuck by Rebecca’s side the whole time sums this story up quite beautifully:  “It has been amazing to watch Rebecca go from a mother intending to sacrifice her own children’s lives for her sake, to now being a mother willing to sacrifice and lay down her own life for the sake of her children.”

Rebecca Rizzi was a woman set on getting an abortion, but because of the counseling and prayers of the dedicated people protesting outside Planned Parenthood, she chose to give her babies the best gift she could—the gift of life.

Life Defenders encourages everyone to peacefully protest or sidewalk counsel outside an abortion clinic. Those dedicated protesters touched Rebecca’s heart that day, and because of that, two babies were saved! This is what the pro-life movement is all about: saving lives and transforming hearts!




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