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What Is Pro-Life Babysitting?

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Did you know babysitting could help spread the pro-life message of love?

Let me explain. You may typically babysit kids for a few to several dollars an hour. You make some money and help out the parents, while the kids love the treat of having a babysitter.

Now what if you changed things up a bit? What if you babysat for free one night? This sounds crazy, right? Why the heck would you do this?

You would do this because you are pro-life and want to show your love for families. You would do this to affirm that you respect life to the fullest and actually want to do a small act of kindness for the parents.

You see, many people choose to abort their own babies before they are born. These children will never get the chance to goof off with a babysitter. But the kindness and generosity you show by babysitting for free one night shows that you have the utmost respect for parents who choose to have children. This support of families shows that you care more about helping them than about making money. It shows that there truly are more important things in life than material goods.

This beautiful act of kindness demonstrates the true pro-life message of love.

So add free babysitting to your list of pro-life activism!




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