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Abortion can never be taken lightly. It’s one of those things that people tend to avoid talking about. People either understand that it’s wrong or believe it’s a right. Either way, abortion is something that cannot be pushed away. We must discuss it.

So here we go. Here are our 9 reasons why not to have an abortion:

Reason #9 – Side effects

As The American Pregnancy Association points out, the common side effects to abortion are concerning. Heavy bleeding, infection, damage to the cervix, scarring, and even death are just a few of the more complex side effects.


Reason #8 – Increases risk of depression

Women whose first pregnancies ended in abortion were 65 percent more likely to be at high risk of clinical depression.depresison


Reason #7 – Increases risk of breast cancer

A meta-analysis of 28 reports concluded that induced abortion is a significant independent risk factor for breast cancer.


Reason #6 – Adoption is an option

Many women seeking abortion are not told of the power and beauty behind adoption. Birth mothers are strong women who not only choose life for their child, but who also choose a good home.

Ten Reasons Not to Have an Abortion Adoption


Reason #5 – Regret

A survey of post-abortive women found that 94 percent of women regretted the decision to abort their child! (“Survey of Reaction to Abortion,” The Post Abortion Review, Fall 1994.)


Reason #4 – Substance abuse

Women with a history of abortion are twice as likely to abuse alcohol, five times more likely to use illicit drugs, and 10 times more likely to use marijuana during the first pregnancy they carry to term compared to non-abortive women.Ten Reasons Not to Have an Abortion Substance Abuse


Reason #3 – Death

Women have not only died on the table during an abortion, but days later have passed away due to complications. Earlier this month, a 24-year-old woman died six days after her abortion procedure.


Reason #2 – It’s a lasting choice

Abortion may seem just like a simple choice to some mothers; however, an abortion cannot be undone. It is a choice you will always remember. It is a choice 94 percent of women regret. And it is a choice that will stick with you for the rest of your life.


Reason #1 – Kills an innocent human being

Since a human being begins to grow at creation, abortion takes away the life of a little child. That baby did nothing wrong and does not deserve a death sentence. See and understand the humanity of your child. Choosing life is the best option you can give your little one.

Ten Reasons Not to Have an Abortion Baby

By doing so, you demonstrate to your child that you not only believe in him, but you believe in yourself!





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