5 Reasons Pro-Life Women Matter

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I recently attended the first ever Pro-Life Women’s Conference. Hosted by pro-life warrior Abby Johnson and the wonderful Alice Paul Group, this weekend was jam-packed with exciting events.

At the conference, I was surrounded by 500 beautiful women who all truly care about women! I learned so much about how women are absolutely necessary in the pro-life movement. Below are five reasons why pro-life women are crucial in finally putting an end to abortion.

1. Abortion directly impacts women.

First let me say that men are harmed by abortion too; they can and do experience the pain of losing a child. But the abortion industry primarily targets expectant mothers. Women are the ones made to feel as if they are incapable of, or should not want to carry, their child to birth. When they choose abortion, they are left wounded, sad, and used.

Abortion is a war on women—both born and preborn.


2. Women can connect, woman to woman.

Many young women—expectant mothers—who are about to walk into an abortion facility will find it difficult to genuinely listen to men.  Women will more likely trust other compassionate women and can connect to another woman on an emotional level.


3. Women can get personal.

Sometimes the best person to talk to an expectant mother at risk for abortion is another woman who has been through the same thing. At this conference I met many wonderful women who have helped other ladies by sharing their personal stories of adoption, abortion regret, abortion survival, leaving work at an abortion clinic, and so many more.

Personal stories can change hearts and minds.


4. Women make amazing role models.

A strong woman can easily lead another woman through this time of confusion and sadness by her example and friendship. Having another woman physically present to talk with and cry with often does a world of good and can help calm fears and give strength where there was none.

We are all sisters in Christ and need each other to lean on when times are difficult.


5. Women have a way with words.

Women usually speak to each other with empathy and know the right things to say to each other. We can connect with other women emotionally to convey understanding and love in a way she will understand.


Women are essential to the pro-life movement. Young women are the targets of abortion and we must protect them! It’s time for us to rally together to finally put an end to the terror that is harming our fellow sisters and killing their children!





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