Take a minute to think about what you expect from your current primary care physician. You probably expect your doctor to care for you. You expect your doctor to give you suggestions and resources for improved health. You expect your doctor to follow up after a surgery, blood work, or other major appointment. You expect your doctor to actually care about your well-being!


This is NOT the case when it comes to abortion doctors, who are only in the business for the money.

For example, abortionist Colleen McNicholas flies from state to state to perform as many abortions as possible. She admitted to killing up to 31 preborn children in just a day! Abortionists like McNicholas have absolutely zero physician-patient relationship with the women they “care” for. They simply go from place to place destroying lives.


This same sentiment is reiterated by former abortionist Dr. Robert Siudmack, who explained that it was all about the number of abortions one could do in a short period of time. He claimed, “There was a set price, and obviously the more abortions one did, the more money they would make. . . . Abortion is big business.”


Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood worker, concurs and admitted that she got girls to agree to abortions by threatening them that the rate would increase if they didn’t have the procedure done that day. Once she had convinced them, she said that her “job was done. Every line was signed and every box was checked.” The women and the life of their child amounted to nothing more than a sales pitch.


In addition to mental coercion, physical coercion exists as well. A young woman named Lynn Zent went to Planned Parenthood seeking an abortion. After the appointment began, she changed her mind and asked to stop and get off the table, but the nurses restrained her and the abortion continued. Lynn explained, “The nurse held my shoulders down and told me to just lie there and shut up. The experience was horrible.” Imagine the terror of being physically forced to have your child killed!


Abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood do a great job in claiming they give women compassionate care, but the hard truth is that it’s all about the money.

Abortions bring in the highest revenue; therefore they are pushed on women.

Abortionists like Colleen McNicholas do not care for their patients; they use them. They use them for money.


The worst part is that, in the end, women lose. They lose a child, they lose their dignity, and they lose a piece of themselves. In addition, the psychological effects can be traumatic and long-lasting. Post-abortive women are more susceptible to depression, suicide, cancer, and a host of other complications.


What can you do?

Help us defend women by spreading the truth of the greedy abortion business. It can be as simple as sharing beautiful life-affirming images on social media or participating in peaceful pro-life activism such as sidewalk counseling, National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day, or the See Dignity Campaign. These are all simple but beautiful ways to defend women and children from the terrors of abortion by focusing on their dignity as human beings!

Emily Brown graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University in May 2015. She then began working for American Life League as one of the founding members of Life Defenders, ALL’s new youth department. During her free time, Emily can be found spending time with her four younger siblings, having fun with her friends, or baking amazing desserts.




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