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This concerns me. Ladies, you need to listen to this one.

Nurx is a new company that offers an app for women to use when seeking contraception. Its motto is, and I quote: “At Nurx, we believe birth control should be as accessible as getting a stick of gum.


Women download the app and choose which contraception they want. Then the drug request is reviewed by one of Nurx’s doctors and the drug is delivered to the girl’s house.


Reading through the FAQs alarmed me even further. To the question “I’m on my parents’ insurance, will they find out that I got birth control from Nurx?” the site answered: “Nurx won’t tell your parent or anyone else that you are on birth control.”

The follow-up question asked: “Is there a minimum age for getting on birth control with Nurx?” The site answered, “Nurx will use the most up to date laws for your state to prescribe birth control to as young as 14 years of age.”


Promising anonymity to young girls, and possibly even provoking them to lie about their ages is scary indeed. Imagine being the parent of a young girl who obtained birth control from an app and not even knowing that your child is ingesting these harmful chemicals. Nurx then has the audacity to say, “The doctor will never prescribe a medication unless it is safe to do so based on the information they have.”


Safe? There is nothing safe about a child, or a woman, taking a birth control pill.

This is such a sneaky way to abuse women!


These organizations say things such as “it is safe” in order to push their money-making agenda, but meanwhile the girl on the other end of the phone may have no idea that these artificial hormones could cause her lasting infertility, could cause bleeding and major complications, and could even cause her to have an abortion.

Nurx isn’t telling young girls and women this. Of course not. If it did, the company would lose business.


This entire concept is sick and is built upon taking advantage of women and girls! Women deserve to know the WHOLE truth about contraception. We must not only educate ourselves, but our friends and family as well. Learn the truth. Read more about the reality behind birth control at





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