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You probably know Naya Rivera from her role as Santana, a singing teen on Glee. But did you know that, while acting on the show, she had an abortion?


The 29-year-old actress recently released exclusive excerpts from her new biography entitled Sorry Not Sorry to PEOPLE magazine. Among other things, these excerpts discuss her battle with an eating disorder and her decision to end her child’s life. Rivera revealed that she found out she was pregnant with actor Ryan Dorsey’s child in late 2010. When the unplanned pregnancy was discovered, she was distraught because, just a few weeks prior, the couple had broken up so that Rivera could focus on her career. Rivera said that she purposely did not reveal the pregnancy to Dorsey and decided to get an abortion so that she could put her career as an actress first.


Who paid the price

Years later Rivera married Dorsey and they now have an 11-month-old son together. But what she fails to realize is that her 11-month-old son has an older brother or sister who was killed so that his mother could focus on her career. What breaks our hearts is that this little baby did nothing wrong, yet he or she was the one who paid the price.


Other choices 

We understand that the discovery of an unplanned pregnancy can be shocking and absolutely terrifying. It could feel like your whole world just turned upside down. However, there are other options. We wonder if Rivera ever considered adoption; becoming a birth mother is an empowering choice. We wonder if she considered the possibility that her child—her own flesh and blood—could have been a motivator in her goal of becoming a successful actress.


Unfortunately, the “choice” that Rivera ultimately made was one that killed another human being. That child’s life began at the moment of creation, and sadly the child’s life ended before he or she even took a breath. We pray that Rivera seeks healing after her abortion and learns to see the humanity in the preborn child.


What you can do!

You can demonstrate seeing the humanity in the preborn by simply doing an act of kindness on September 10 for our #SeeDignity in the preborn day! Visit our website for more details and encourage your friends to See Dignity as well. This is a fantastic way to spread the truth that human beings begin at creation and deserve our protection.





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