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This Saturday, September 10, we are encouraging the whole nation to go out and perform one small act of kindness for the preborn babies who lose their lives through abortion. We even have 10 examples of acts of kindness on our website.


So, here are 10 reasons you should defend the babies’ lives this Saturday!


1. It could be a fun activity to do with your closest friends.

2. It won’t take long. Seriously, it can be as easy as donating diapers.

3. It’s a beautiful act of charity.

4. It’s an excuse to break out your pro-life T-shirts.

5. It’s a good example to others.

6. It could make a lasting impact on someone!

7. It can count as service hours.

8. It demonstrates that you see the dignity in tiny preborn babies.

9. It can be a family activity.

10. Your action and example could save a baby’s life!


So join us on September 10 as we perform an act of kindness for our most innocent brothers and sisters!





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