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Mindy Elizabeth Theo is a courageous mother who has gone through two miscarriages. She lost her son Riley in November 2014 and her daughter Annabelle in February 2015. Though experiencing the loss of two children is extremely painful, Mindy decided to post photos of her preborn children online.

These pictures not only captured the beauty of the preborn child, but continue to help people recognize the value and humanity of the preborn child.

Photo Courtesy of Mindy Elizabeth Theo/Facebook

Little Annabelle was 8 weeks old and 5 days when she was miscarried. You can see Annabelle’s detailed features such as her fingers, toes, and nose.

Photo Courtesy of Mindy Elizabeth Theo/Facebook

Annabelle’s older brother Riley was 7.5 weeks old when he was miscarried. Mindy recounts on her Facebook page that Riley passed away on November 6, but was born on November 23. Mindy explained,

“We are blessed to have got to meet our little one. Life is incredibly beautiful! . . . Seeing Riley has brought me peace and comfort. I love him and God will care for him for me until I can be with him again.”

Photo Courtesy of Mindy Elizabeth Theo/Facebook

You can see from these images that little Riley and Annabelle had intricate and unique features even at their very young ages. Most people are unaware of the astounding development stages a preborn child goes through. Just 22 days after creation, a preborn child’s heart will begin to beat. At only six weeks a preborn child has developing legs, arms, recordable brain waves, nostrils, and growing intestines. And at the moment a child is created, his DNA carries as much information as 50 sets of Encyclopedia Britannica!


Because of courageous mothers such as Mindy Theo, people are able to see firsthand the obvious humanity in the preborn child. Annabelle and Riley are just two examples proving abortion does not terminate a “clump of cells” or a “pregnancy,” but a living human being. It’s time to start Seeing Dignity in these babies!





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