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Emilia Grabarczyk is a beautiful baby girl who was born at 25 weeks and weighed only eight ounces. That’s less than a grapefruit. Born in Witten, Germany, she is thought to be the smallest baby ever to survive a premature birth.


At birth Emilia was just 8.6 inches long, with her foot measuring just over one inch. Dr. Bahman Gharavi, head of the Children and Youth Clinic at the hospital in which Emilia was born, claimed her birth was “truly unique.” He continued, “Even children with a birth weight of 14 ounces rarely survive. . . . She is a little fighter.”


Why did Emilia come so early?

At the beginning of Emilia’s mother’s 26th week of pregnancy, Dr. Sven Schiermeier decided to deliver the baby early via C-section. The doctor felt that failure to deliver the child early would have resulted in Emilia’s death in the womb because the placenta was not providing her with enough nutrition. Emilia was born weighing just eight ounces, while a typical preborn child in the 26th week of pregnancy should weigh around 21 ounces.


Her parents, Lukas and Sabine Grabarczy, stated they would rather give their baby girl a chance rather than have her die in the womb.

“There were many difficult days and many tears, but she clearly wanted to survive.” – Sabine, Emilia’s mom

Emilia the world's tiniest baby

With such a premature birth, Emilia was at risk of behavioral and learning difficulties, but miraculously there is not yet any sign of a serious disability. On top of that, Emilia survived an abdominal surgery when she weighed just 12 ounces. There is no doubt that this little baby girl is a fighter!


She’s still going strong.

At nine months, Emilia continues to grow strong and now weighs nearly seven pounds. Many babies like Emilia are not given the chance to survive—to flourish as a human being. Many children are aborted at 25 weeks, the same age Emilia was when she was born. Like every preborn child, Emilia’s fight did not just begin once she was born, but began in the womb as she grew more and more every day.


Stories like Emilia’s not only inspire and fill us with wonder, but they make us think. If we see the humanity of Emilia outside the womb at 25 weeks, then why can we not see it while she is inside the womb?


Birth does not make a baby suddenly human. A human being’s life begins at creation. See Dignity in the preborn!






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