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On Friday Pope Francis made a surprise visit to the neonatal unit at San Giovanni Hospital. He held, blessed, and prayed over the 12 infants in the unit. He spoke to each of the tiny babies and then greeted their parents, offering words of comfort.

After visiting the little babies, the pope visited the Villa Speranza Hospice and met with each of its 30 patients one-by-one offering them loving support.


The pope has actively shown respect for every human being from creation to death.


He does this once a month as part of his “Mercy Friday” initiative. Previously he has visited a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, a home for retired priests, and a nursing home. The Vatican reported, “The acceptance of life and the guarantee of human dignity at all stages of development are lessons repeatedly stressed by Pope Francis.”


These acts of mercy are concrete and tangible signs of just how important it is to see dignity and value in others! We encourage everyone to take part in acts of mercy—just as Pope Francis did—and to show respect for every person’s life. A simple way to do this is to participate in our See Dignity Campaign. This campaign encourages acts of kindness for the preborn, those with disabilities, the elderly, and women to show the world that we see dignity in every human person.


Let us follow Pope Francis’ example and see dignity in every human being!






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