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Today begins our amazing #SeeDignity campaign. We are encouraging the whole nation to go out today, September 10, and perform one small act of kindness for the preborn babies who are mercilessly killed through abortion. Will you defend the preborn with us?

sep 10

You could:

Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.

Donate baby supplies to your local shelter, Goodwill, or pregnancy home.

Volunteer to babysit—FOR FREE.

Peacefully protest outside an abortion clinic.

Participate in the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children by honoring the gravesites of our aborted brothers and sisters.

Make “Congratulations on the birth of your child” cards for mothers and deliver them to a hospital.

Or choose any other act of kindness!


And we’re not stopping there!

We will continue to spend the whole month of September honoring the little babies! You will see our images and content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter solely dedicated to the preborn. You will see our blogs centered on Seeing Dignity in the preborn. And you just may see some videos embracing the humanity of the preborn child as well.


We are diving in to fully show the world that we See Dignity in preborn children! Why? Because through our actions, words, and prayer we will change hearts, minds, and save babies.


Please join us today as we kick off this campaign by completing acts of kindness to show the world we love and cherish every human being’s life!

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