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The most recent Abortion Surveillance report from the CDC reports that the majority of abortions are performed in the first trimester. It states that 91.4 percent of abortions are performed prior to 13 week’s gestation.

Many people will argue that, during the first trimester, the fetus is merely a clump of cells and not a baby. So let’s investigate that statement. What is a fetus like during the first trimester?


Fetal development

At the moment of creation, when the sperm and egg meet, the embryo has 46 unique chromosomes that will distinguish all the intricate details about that person. At day 22, the fetus’ heart will begin to beat. By week 6 the fetus’ brain is developing into complex parts. At week 7 the fetus has begun to form every essential organ, while details such as hair follicles, eyelids, and taste buds have also begun to form.ALL_MEMES_APR25-02


The American Pregnancy Association states that at week 8 “everything that is present in an adult human is now present in the small embryo.” How astounding is that? At just 8 weeks, when the child is no larger than an aspirin, every single organ and detail present in an adult human being is present in this tiny fetus.


After seeing just some of the typical fetal development stages, can anyone really claim this new human being is just a clump of cells? NO! We cannot dehumanize this child. We cannot ignore the science that proves the development stages of these tiny human beings.


See Dignity in the preborn

We must share with others why we See Dignity in the human beings that many like to call a “clump of cells.” We can do this through our actions, our voices, and prayer. We can perform acts of kindness, such as praying outside an abortion facility, to demonstrate that we See Dignity in the tiny babies. We can use our voices to refer to preborn babies as babies. We can use the power of prayer to transform hearts and minds and save lives. United together we will show the world that we See Dignity in the tiny babies who are mercilessly killed.





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