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Like most young people, you have probably heard of Bumble. It’s a popular dating app that is supposedly better than hook-up apps like Tinder. In fact, I even downloaded the app months ago.


Bumble recently decided to post an ad on Instagram claiming that for every “like” it receives it will donate one dollar to Planned Parenthood. As a result, Bumble will donate $28,747 to Planned Parenthood and post the donation on Instagram as proof.

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It’s sad to imagine that this is probably some twisted way of looking friendly to women to gain more female users, especially since young women, like myself, are always trying to find apps—like dating apps or even ride apps—that are “safe” for women to use.


But, here’s my biggest problem with this ad from Bumble: It’s false advertising. It states that “every single [one] knows how important it is for women to have safe and affordable healthcare.” I agree with this statement alone, but in the context of supporting Planned Parenthood it’s absolutely false. For starters, Planned Parenthood is not safe—for women or babies. Women, like Cree Erwin, are hurt to the point of death by botched abortions. In addition, Planned Parenthood has been caught covering up sexual abuse multiple times. And let’s not forget the millions of human beings Planned Parenthood has killed through abortion.


Sorry Bumble, your Planned Parenthood is not safe.


I agree that women’s rights are fundamental human rights, but I will never support an organization that has been caught abusing women, covering up sexual assaults, and that kills baby women every day. Bumble, you just lost a user, and I know you will lose many more because of this.

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