Actress Caitlin Stasey recently took to Instagram to recount her abortion experience at Planned Parenthood, America’s top abortion provider.


Her story

Stasey’s story is very similar to many other young girls. She found herself in an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 22 in a city away from her family and with no partner to support her. She was scared and alone. Unfortunately, many women feel this way when they discover an unplanned pregnancy; they feel as if they have no one to turn to except Planned Parenthood.

The reality is that they have many resources and people to turn to. Emergency pregnancy centers are all over this nation. There are also groups such as Talk About Adoption that will help women understand how open adoptions are a very real option.


A life-changing mistake

Stasey overlooked the multitude of other options and decided to turn to Planned Parenthood. She described her experience stating:

“It was scary, it was sad, it was eye opening but above all it was made easy for me. . . . I didn’t have to drive hours to then be forced to look at the beating heart of this organism growing within me.”


The biggest mistake here is calling a human being an organism. A child was growing inside of her, NOT an organism. Her child’s DNA already had the code that decided every intricate detail down to the amount of hair follicles she would have.

Stasey described how Planned Parenthood gave her a pill to take home. She then went to a friend’s house to spend the night while she took this life-altering pill. Stasey had a medical abortion, which involves the woman taking a drug that will kill the child and cause the mother a tremendous amount of bleeding. It’s a painful and scary process.

When I was 22 I fell pregnant. I was terrified and alone in a city without my family or a partner to support me. Luckily I was in California (and a five minute drive from my closest PP) one of the remaining states that allows a woman to have agency over her own body. It was scary, it was sad, it was eye opening but above all it was made easy for me. I didn't have to fight any biased doctors or family members, I didn't have to drive hours to then be forced to look at the beating heart of this organism growing within me. I didn't even have to wait a full day. I made my appointment, bought my medication and went home to be with a dear friend who rubbed my back and spent the night with me. I cannot stress enough how kind and tender the staff were, in particular one nurse, who upon learning I had made my decision actually said. "Good for you." With a bright smile on her face. My story is one of a state's successful relationship with family planning and reproductive rights. So many women are nowhere near as fortunate. Now more than ever women need you. #plannedparenthood needs you. Just like I needed them. I think about that day often and while it was trying and heavy I never regretted my decision. Becoming pregnant was a mistake but terminating it was not. Thank you @plannedparenthood from the bottom of my heart.

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Her last line in this dreadful Instagram post is chilling: “Becoming pregnant was a mistake but terminating it was not.” Not only did Stasey kill her own child, but she now referred to this sweet baby as “it.” This poor child’s humanity has been crushed.


What we wish

What we wish Caitlin Stasey knew was that her child was no organism, but a human being who had totally unique DNA from the moment her life began. We wish Stasey knew that there are many other loving options out there that do not cause harm to the baby or the mother. Now that her preborn baby is dead, we wish Caitlin healing and forgiveness. She will need both even though she does not know it yet.


This is why Life Defenders’ number one priority is education. We are confident that if Stasey had learned about the sanctity of a human being and the fact that when she got pregnant she became a mother, her child would be alive today.


Never forget that everything you do in the pro-life movement makes a difference. Your words and actions save lives. 






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