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Here at ALL Life Defenders sometimes the tediousness of daily activities becomes a bit cumbersome. When we have days that are filled with meetings, social media scheduling, writing, and researching, we can easily forget that we are impacting individual lives with what we do.


We must remind ourselves that many of our viewers are touched by our blogs, images, and brochures. We must also remember that, though we may never know just who is impacted by what we do, we do touch people with that simple Instagram photo or with that brochure we spent weeks designing and researching. So a friendly reminder of whom we are defending is always a great motivator.


That’s why I was excited to find this video of two adorable babies giggling. Their infectious laughter made me stop and think about how very much we want all parents to experience a child’s laugh and to never experience the trauma of abortion.

In addition, these adorable giggling twins remind us that, each and every day, we are defending the lives of innocent babies. We advocate daily for their right to life through our blogs, social media, images, speaking events, public events, and our partnership with students. Understanding this brightens those tedious days.


We will continue creating a culture of life through all that we do, including little videos such as this one, in order to teach others about the sanctity of life and to remind today’s youth that the right to life should come first and foremost in our culture. When one of our creations inspires you, please share it with others. Together, we will touch countless lives—and save those precious babies.







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