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Take a moment to think about your closest friend. With him or her in mind, now imagine if that person didn’t exist. Things would be a lot different right?


Every day we lose about 2,899 children because of abortion. And that’s just in America. Imagine how many best friends are missing. Imagine how many sons and daughters, how many siblings, and how many future spouses are missing. The numbers are staggering.


It’s time we start being BFFs to the preborn. That’s right; it’s time to claim preborn children as our friends to give them not only the opportunity of life, but the opportunity to find their best friend.


This may seem like an impossible task since it’s not like you can walk up to a preborn child and have a conversation. But you can perform actions that demonstrate you’re there for the little guys! Here are five easy ways you can be a BFF to the preborn.


1. Join a pro-life club


Check to see if your school, church, or local community has a pro-life chapter. If not, visit our website and learn how you can start a club of your own. This is a marvelous way to meet like-minded people and get your feet wet in being a BFF to the preborn!


2. Wear some pro-life gear!


Grab a pro-life T-shirt and wear it around town. We’re willing to bet if you wear the shirt often enough you will eventually have someone strike up a conversation. You may even touch someone’s heart. You just never know whose life you will impact wearing a beautiful pro-life tee with a loving message.


3. Get active on social media


We know someone who was reluctant to share a pro-life image on Facebook, fearing offending or upsetting some friends. She eventually shared an image and received a few likes and no negative feedback. She thought nothing of it, but a few days later she received a private message from a girl she hadn’t spoken to in years about how the image touched her. That is what social media can do! Check out our loving pro-life images here for you to share.


4. March for Life

March for Life 2015, Washington D.C.

The March for Life is the largest pro-life gathering in the world. We recommend going at least once because it is a phenomenal experience. When you are surrounded by so many people who genuinely love every person’s life, it’s a pretty amazing feeling!


5. Pray


This is such an important way to be a BFF to the preborn babies. Prayer can go a long way. Start by taking just a minute to offer up a prayer a day for the preborn babies and their mothers. Prayer will not only bring you closer to God, but will impact your life in ways you never imagined. Just wait!


Now go be BFFs to the preborn!


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