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Do you know that feeling you get when you do something kind for another person? Maybe you bought someone a meal; maybe you donated clothing; or maybe you volunteered your time or talents. Whatever it is, most of us feel a little bit better when we perform a small act of kindness.


Saturday, December 3, is International Day of People with Disability, and it is a perfect opportunity to go out and do one act of kindness for someone with a disability. As part of Life Defenders’ #See Dignity campaign, we encourage you to See Dignity in every human being, including those who are disabled. Whether it’s cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or a physical disability, every human being has dignity and deserves the utmost respect.

Demonstrating kindness

That’s why, on December 3, we are taking our pro-life values to the next level by honoring people with disabilities. We invite people everywhere to simply perform one act of kindness. For example, you could clean the yard of a neighbor who cannot clean it himself. You could spend time with a child with a disability who goes to your school. Or you could simply leave a kind message on someone’s door, locker, or car. The possibilities are endless! We even have a sample list of acts of kindness on our website.

Don’t forget to snap a picture with #SeeDignity and share it on social media so we can share your act of kindness too!


Together let’s show the nation that each and every person is unique, beautiful, and deserves to live!





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