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If you’re pro-life, then you certainly understand how wonderful it is to stand up for human dignity! It’s truly a beautiful thing to speak on behalf of innocent preborn babies’ lives. Just imagine how many lives we have saved by working together as a community!


Though there is joy and satisfaction in knowing your job is worthy, we understand that there are times when life may get you down. Maybe you’ve had a few uncomfortable run-ins with some pro-aborts, maybe the stress of running a pro-life club has gotten to you, or maybe you feel like you haven’t made a difference. Whatever it is, we are here to uplift and support you as you strive every day to respect human beings’ lives! So read on for some inspiring words to keep you motivated!



Keep defending every human being’s life because you will change hearts and minds.



Never forget you have science on your side! You cannot argue against factual statements.



Through education and perseverance, the dream of ending the murder of the preborn will become a reality!



Remember whom you’re fighting for.



Your facts will cause people to be mind-blown. (For instance, at the moment of creation a preborn child carries as much information as 50 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica!)



You’re fighting for empowering choices that will change women’s lives!



Cheers to you! Keep defending those innocent babies and empowering women. You are changing our society!





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