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Is it okay to be against abortion except in cases of rape or incest? Is it okay to be pro-life but support euthanasia? Some people say they are pro-life, but see no harm with these things or with IVF or contraception.

In short, these positions are never acceptable. Why? Because every life is precious.

Let’s break it down. What does it mean to be 100 percent pro-life, with no exceptions?


It means you see value in every person’s life.

100 percent pro-life

You cannot say you are pro-life, yet in the case of rape think that abortion is okay. In essence, you are saying that, in that circumstance, it is okay to argue that the baby is better off dead. That is not pro-life. If you claim you are pro-life, you must agree that every single human being’s life matters. No one’s life matters more than another’s.

It also means you understand that euthanasia is degrading to one’s life.

100 percent pro-life euthanasia

Euthanasia has been painted by our society as a dignified response to an illness or to immense suffering. In reality, euthanasia tells that sick person that his life is no longer worth living and that there is no value in suffering.

We highly recommend this short video that explains why euthanasia is degrading to human dignity and why there is value in suffering.


It means you know life begins at creation.

100 percent pro-life creation

The life of an individual human being begins to exist “from the beginning of his/her biological development.” We must keep in mind that some human beings are not formed in sexual reproduction, but reproduced asexually. Asexual reproduction simply means “without the immediate use of fertilization”; it is the combining of parts of a human sperm, egg, embryo, or synthetic genes to reproduce a new human embryo. No matter how a child is created, he is a human being from the very beginning.


It means you see IVF as disrespectful to humanity. 

100 percent pro-life IVF

Through the process of IVF, many small embryos die, are frozen, are used for scientific research, or are even thrown in the trash. Those embryos are tiny human beings and they deserve the same respect every other human being deserves. IVF is a terrible mistreatment of human beings and should be opposed in all circumstances.


It means you rightfully see those with disabilities as gifts to society.

100 percent pro-life disabilities

Unfortunately, we live in a society where 90 percent of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. Our society allows, and even advocates for, the killing of tiny babies just because they have an extra chromosome that will lead to challenges in life. How sick is that? To be 100 percent pro-life means you see the value in people with disabilities. You see that they have something very unique to offer to society.


It means you understand that the popular types of contraception can kill a preborn baby.

100 percent pro-life preborn

Popular forms of contraception, such as the pill, IUD, and contraception patches, can cause an early abortion. These chemicals can thin the lining of the uterus so if a woman does become pregnant the tiny baby will die before he can actually attach to the lining of the uterus. In addition, there are frequently new studies published that illustrate the terrifying side effects of these drugs.


Life Defenders stands for the respect of every single human person! Join us as we restore a culture of life to our country.





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