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Four-year-old Hunter Stinson recently led the Christmas parade in Andalusia, Alabama, as the grand marshal.

Stinson has mild cerebral palsy and had numerous health issues at birth. However, his disabilities never stopped him from striving to be his best!

After being delivered 3-weeks early in an emergency c-section the doctors said that Hunter might not live, and if he did, he had a possibility of being blind, deaf, and having developmental delays. However, today Hunter is thriving, smiling, talking, and playing soccer and T-ball like any other 4-year-old boy. He also has a strong passion for music and wants to learn every instrument he hears. 15451336_10210019209469907_522242747_nHunter has been known for making friends with strangers, as people are drawn to his charming personality. A local Andalusia paper described Hunter as “a blessing to all who encounter him.” And now his latest accomplishment is being the grand marshal in the Christmas parade!

Hunter’s grandmother, Patsy, explained: “He has been through a lot in his four years and is such as trooper. . . . He’s looking forward to seeing everyone at the parade and said he’s going to share his title with one of his hand puppets.”

We just love hearing stories such as this one because they remind us how important it is to value every person’s life. Just look at everything Hunter has accomplished at only 4 years old. We cannot imagine how much more Hunter will accomplish and how many lives he will touch throughout his life. This is what it looks like to see dignity in every person!


Header photo courtesy of Patsy Stinson via Facebook




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