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This mom may just win “Mom of the Year”!


Drew Ann Long created a shopping cart company that specializes in a unique type of cart designed for children and adults with disabilities. Long started this journey when she found herself struggling in the grocery store to push her wheelchair-bound daughter while also pushing a shopping cart. Caroline’s Cart can be now seen in some major retailers such as Food Lion, Giant, Target, and Walmart.


“Today I was trying to figure out how to do the grocery shopping while with my dad. He has Alzheimer’s and can not walk…

Posted by Caroline’s Cart on Thursday, October 20, 2016


Long has proven to the world that disabilities may make someone different, but the person can still have the same experiences as those without disabilities. We are starting to notice increased acceptance in our society for people with disabilities. For example, Collette, a young woman with Down syndrome, has gained fame for starting her own cookie business after struggling to find a job.


Target in Northridge, CA. Thanks for the picture!!! 1-800-351-CART #Technibilt #redcart #inclusion #equalopportunity

Posted by Caroline’s Cart on Tuesday, July 7, 2015


We must keep this momentum going! Our society may see our born brothers and sisters as human beings with their own intrinsic dignity, but we struggle to see our preborn brothers and sisters in the same light. We are still dealing with an astoundingly high abortion rate for babies with disabilities.


We need to continue educating the world that at the moment of creation that little tiny embryo is a human being—a human being who will continue to grow, develop, and learn for the rest of his life. And whether this child has a disability or not does not change the fact that he is human!


Header photo courtesy of Caroline’s Cart @Facebook




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