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As Christmas draws nearer, a lot of us feel inspired to be more compassionate, generous, and faithful. This joyful time of the year when we reflect on the birth of Our Lord and Savior can bring about the best in people. It’s a time to reflect on ourselves, our society, and our actions to try to improve ourselves and our world for the better. For example, many of us donate clothing, toys, and food to those in need during this time of the year. Others are drawn to help women who are scared after discovering an unplanned pregnancy. For instance, young people in the Washington, D.C. area will sing Christmas Carols outside abortion clinics in an attempt to actively help women who are struggling with the decision to abort their child.


While many of us are inspired to help others and spread the joyful Christmas cheer, I am honestly saddened to see what Whoopi Goldberg just said on the View. She compared the right to celebrate Christmas to the false right to have an abortion.


ARE YOU SERIOUS WHOOPI? How does the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ even remotely compare to the killing of innocent babies?


Whoopi needs to take a hard long look at the stark realities of abortion. Abortion is not a woman’s right. Murder of innocent human beings is not a celebrated right. It’s the destruction of humanity. Christmas is the absolute opposite; it’s the celebration of the life of Jesus Christ and the life He gives to all of us.


Whoopi is extremely misguided and is living proof as to why the world needs more loving Christian examples. We need to be the light in the midst of all of this confusion and nonsense. By performing acts of kindness, participating in uplifting events such as the March for Life, and by being positive examples to others, we can change the hearts and minds of people like Whoopi Goldberg. Through example and education, we can change the world.


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