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Beyoncé announced recently on Instagram that she and her husband, Jay Z, are expecting twins. The singer wrote, “We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.”

News outlets have been going nuts, and numerous headlines reflect the couple’s excitement.


We are very happy that Beyoncé and Jay Z are welcoming with an open heart two new little ones. But something about these headlines struck us. They all have been accurately affirming the humanity of her baby twins. Words like “blessed,” “babies,” “twins,” and “child” have been used in these articles.


Not once have I seen a headline stating that “Beyoncé Announces Pregnancy of Twin Fetuses,” nor am I ever going to. People know that the preborn child is a human being, and this excitement shows when they welcome a pregnancy with open arms. However, the second a surprise pregnancy arises, people change their language to use terms such as “fetus” or “termination of a pregnancy” to dehumanize this preborn child.


No one would ever go up to Beyoncé and incorrectly tell her that her new twins are just potential human beings.

They wouldn’t do this because they aren’t potential human beings. Science has confirmed time and again that a human being is formed at the moment of creation.


Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement has shown us the twisted mindset in the media and in abortion advocates. When it furthers their agenda, they will use the correct language and treat the preborn as tiny human beings. But watch out because the second a celebrity promotes abortion, these same news outlets will call the preborn baby a potential human and a fetus.





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