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There is something absolutely amazing going on in the current pro-life movement. It’s something that gives us daily motivation to keep fighting for the rights of the preborn. It’s something that literally brightens our day. Do you know what this special something is?


It’s the young people who are cheerfully working to save the lives of women and their babies.


These young people are in their colleges every day thinking of new ways to actively help build the culture of life. We admire the joy these students have. It’s contagious. But what we admire most is their courage. It’s not easy being involved in a pro-life club, especially when you’re on a large pro-abortion campus. Many of these students have been ridiculed by their own peers because they have the courage to defend the sanctity of life. But they don’t let that deter them.

There are hundreds of pro-life clubs in secular pro-abortion universities, yet their members fight every day to defend humanity. So Life Defenders decided to honor these clubs in a way that can help them tremendously.


We are running a contest for all college pro-life clubs in honor of National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day. Once a club registers on our website, its members can send their family, friends, peers, or anyone else to the same site to buy a pro-life shirt in the club’s name. As shirts are bought in a club’s name, the club’s ranking will increase and the club will earn cash. For example, if you sell 10 shirts we will give you back $2 per shirt. The money back per shirt increases incrementally according to the number of shirts sold in your club’s name. The more shirts bought in the club’s name, the more money the club will earn!


This is our little way of showing solidarity with the pro-life clubs who work tirelessly to save lives!

In addition, these clubs will be able to grow their awareness, get matching pro-life shirts for its supporters and members, and earn cash! Please help us support college pro-life clubs by sharing this contest and by purchasing shirts in honor of clubs!


Our current registered clubs include:

  • UMW Students for Life
  • Umavid
  • Katies for Life
  • Bowling Green Falcons for Life
  • Whitworth Students for Life
  • Nevada Students for Life
  • HPU Students for Life
  • CMU Students for Life

Anyone can buy a shirt from this site and mention a club in the “Company” field at the checkout. So don’t hesitate; buy a pro-life shirt, support a club, and show your love for preborn babies!






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