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The March for Life is a beautiful event when pro-lifers from all over the nation come together to defend the rights of the preborn and of women. It’s always an exciting day, but this March for Life was particularly exceptional. Some amazing things happened—things so amazing I got goosebumps throughout the entire day.


To start off, the rally at the beginning was MASSIVE. I stood at the top of the hill near the Washington Monument and did a 360° turn to see people in every direction packed together to defend life. For someone who works daily in the pro-life movement it was a surreal moment to see nothing but hundreds of thousands of people—young and old—joined together for one reason. It gave me chills.


Then Mike Pence took the stand and spoke eloquent words of love and compassion for women and their children. He reminded us all that the pro-life movement is a beautiful cause because at its roots is love. This love is so powerful that it inspires us to defend every human being. As I heard the massive crowd cheer, all I felt was love. Again I got goosebumps.

As I marched I looked around at all the young people surrounding me. We truly are living in the pro-life generation. The kids all started their own chants, such as “We love babies, yes we do,” “Pro-life is pro-love,” and “We are the pro-life generation.” At one point I was swept up into this crowd of cheering happy young people all chanting for life with smiles on their faces, and it again gave me goosebumps. Seeing high school and college students affirm that life is beautiful is an immense blessing.


At the end of the march I stood on the opposite side of the Supreme Court and watched the marchers walk by. This is when I started paying attention to the stunning homemade signs. They were not only beautiful, but they were the most genuine signs I have ever seen (nothing like the crude signs I saw at the Women’s March). Some of the signs included phrases like “Mother from rape, I love my child,” “Love them both,” and “I miss my aborted sibling.” These signs were made with love and compassion.


As I stood on the side of the street and watched everyone pass by with smiles, beautiful signs, and powerful chants, that’s when it occurred to me:

This is pure joy.

These dedicated Life Defenders are just radiating joy. And again I got goosebumps. We are part of a beautiful movement—a movement that sees value and worth in every single human being.


I am so proud that I was part of the 44th March for Life. I am so proud to be part of the joyful pro-life movement. And I am so proud to be part of American Life League—the organization that fights for every baby, every time, without exception.






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