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At this point in the semester, things are starting to wind down. Spring break has passed, midterms have ended, and summer isn’t too far away. Whether you’re a pro-lifer in high school or in college, we have four easy activism ideas you can do before the end of the year.


1. National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

This day only comes once a year and it’s a super easy way to defend the lives of the preborn. Simply wear a pro-life tee and snap a photo posting it with #NPLTD17. You can do this alone or with your friends, your family, or your pro-life club!


2. Spend one hour outside an abortion facility

Spend just one hour outside a nearby abortion facility. Take along positive pro-life signs, pray the rosary, or sidewalk counsel. This is a great form of activism to do with a group of pro-lifers; plus, you will positively impact the mothers. And you may even save a baby’s life.


3. Host a pro-life movie night

Invite your friends to your house or dorm and watch a pro-life movie together. With options such as Bella, Gimme Shelter, October Baby, and more, you will easily find a movie everyone can enjoy. This simple pro-life activity is a casual way to share the pro-life message with new students who may not be in your pro-life club.


4. Pray for mothers and their babies

The USCCB has a great list of prayers that you can say alone or with a group. The list of prayers makes it easy to say your intentions for preborn babies, mothers, post abortion healing, and more.


End your semester on a positive and inspirational note by completing at least one of these activities!





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