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Technology is helping save lives. To win the battle against the culture of death, we have to be creative. We must use the best tools available and use them well. App developers from the nation’s top pro-life organizations have been working hard to make praying for an end to abortion even easier. Today, there are apps that remind us to pray for women in need, apps that help us learn more about the stages of development of a preborn child, and apps that teach us how to minister to women facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Here are our top five pro-life apps every pro-lifer should have on a smartphone—for both Apple and Android users.

The Life App

Have you ever wondered how to respond to a friend considering an abortion? Look no further! The Life App from FOCUS features videos that teach you how to respond with compassion to a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy. Simply type in your zip code and the app will help you find a pregnancy resource center in your area. Helping women in need has never been easier.

Get the app here:   Apple    Android


Human Coalition Prayer App

Do you love praying for an end to abortion but wish you could be more specific in your prayers? With the Human Coalition Prayer app you get a prayer list of women across the US who are considering abortion. Take a moment to pray for a woman in need and then swipe to let others know that she has been prayed for! This app is a great way to stay focused on the women who need our help right now.

Get the app here:   Apple   Android


Adopt a Life App

Have you ever spiritually adopted a child and then forgotten to continue praying for him? This charming app from a developer in Poland sends you a daily reminder to pray one decade of the rosary for the child you have spiritually adopted. Plus, each day features that day’s rosary meditations and an act of love you can offer up for that child.

Get the app here:   Apple   Android


March for Life Apps

When the next March for Life comes around, these two apps have you covered. The 9 Days for Life app from the USCCB is a novena prayer app with intentions and reflections for the nine days leading up to the March for Life. Heading to the March? The March for Life has an app to help you connect with other marchers from around the country and share your reasons for marching.

9 Days for Life

Get the app here:   Apple   Android

March for Life

Get the app here:   Apple   Android


Bonus: Pro-Life Action League’s Pro-Life Handbook

This isn’t an app per se, but Pro-Life Action League’s Pro-Life Handbook can be accessed online using its mobile-friendly website. Each topic is backed up with sources so you’re never left wondering where the organization got its information.

No matter what your need—whether it’s remembering to pray for preborn babies or connect with fellow pro-lifers—these apps have you covered. They make a great addition to any pro-lifer’s toolbox of resources. Saving babies, 21st century style.

Do you have a favorite pro-life app you like to use? Tell us about it in the comments!



Originally posted on Culture of Life Studies Blog 




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