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National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day has a few hidden secrets, so sit back and enjoy these tidbits of information as we reveal some behind-the-scenes info on this popular pro-life day.


The date tends to change

Much debate goes into picking the date for NPLTD. It must be in the spring or fall for warm weather, yet we don’t want it to conflict with any exams for high school and college students. Usually we choose a Friday in April. Have a good day in mind for 2018? Send us a message at


The shirt design is not an easy choice 

Hands down, the most debated topic is the T-shirt design. Each year we put a design on the front of a shirt with the official date on the back. There are many things to consider as we design a shirt. First, we want a color and design that are unisex. Second, we want something that will entice young people to wear it. And third, we want it to have a catchy pro-life message. It’s a lot of work, but it always pays off!


This year is the 13th year

Since 2003, American Life League has hosted National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day. That makes this year number 13; so we’ve now hit the teens. Let’s hope for the biggest NPLTD yet!


The goal has never changed

While the shirt and day vary, our goal has always remained the same. We want young people in school, college, or at work to feel empowered while wearing this shirt as they defend the innocent babies killed through abortion. We know this is working, as each year participation grows.


The hashtag is a new idea

Last year we encouraged people to post photos in their pro-life tee using the hashtag #NPLTD16. Because of its success, we are back at it again this year! So on April 21, take a photo in your pro-life tee and post it to social media with #NPLTD17. Spreading the message will help us come together as a nation to recognize the devastation caused by abortion.

Make sure to order your shirt by Monday to get it in time for #NPLTD17! #lifededenders #prolife #prolifegen #shirtdesign

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Now that you know our fun secrets, share these facts about NPLTD with others. Let’s get as much participation as possible this year!


P.S. Do you have a unique shirt design idea? Send us your idea; you may just see your design featured on the 2018 NPLTD shirt!






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