Gabe Conte is a YouTube star with 1.2 million followers. He and his wife Jessica Conte are known for their entertaining videos in which they proudly talk about their Christian faith. These positive role models usually stick to uplifting topics, but in this latest video Gabe did something a little different.


He jumped on the “Draw My Life” trend on YouTube where individuals draw their life story while talking about what they have been through up to the present time. Usually these videos are somewhat personal, so I was intrigued to watch Gabe’s.


Gabe’s opening was a bit surprising. Instead of his happy, goofy self, he was very solemn. He talked and drew about his father’s first wife having an abortion. During this part he drew a baby being thrown in the trash.

Next he talked about his mother contracting HIV from a previous relationship. Then when his parents met, they fell in love and his mother ended up becoming pregnant. Given his mother’s medical state, Gabe’s parents thought abortion was the only answer. Confused and distraught, Gabe’s father said God came to him and told him: “If you kill this baby, I will kill you.” That part took me by surprise! What a powerful and clear sign from God that abortion kills a baby.

After that sign from God, Gabe’s parents kept the baby. He was an extremely healthy baby boy and Gabe’s big brother. Gabe talked about how his parents had three more healthy children despite his mother’s medical condition. He spoke about how this drew them all close to God as they were astounded by the miracles He performs.


My reaction

I was so excited to watch this video and see a Christian man not afraid to talk honestly about abortion. Not only did he talk about how abortion kills a baby, but he drew a baby being thrown in a trash can. It was a very honest depiction of abortion.


The commenters’ reactions

After watching, I braced myself as I scrolled through the comments, as I was prepared to see people angered by this. But again I was surprised. It turns out people were inspired by Gabe’s post.


This just goes to show you that being honest and sincere can inspire. More young Christians need to be positive influences like Gabe.


Never be afraid to speak out against abortion. When we see an evil in our society we need to speak up! You can start by sharing this article and video with your friends.


Watch the video:


Header and content photos from Gabe Conte’s YouTube Channel






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