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Mother’s Day is a time to honor all mothers who give so much love and support to their children. Some of us have a grandmother, birth mother, or foster care mother who have impacted us immensely. Whoever the special mother in your life is, she will always have an important place in your heart and deserves the best on Mother’s Day.


We know that young adults do not always have the budget to purchase a giant bouquet of flowers or the spa day Mom deserves, so we have created 10 budget-friendly Mother’s Day gifts that anyone can put together (and at the last minute too) that will show your mother how much you love her.


1. A heartfelt homemade card

Create a homemade card filled with heartfelt words and thoughts. She will love this touching and memorable gift.


2. Offer to clean her yard

Spruce up the front yard. Your mom will enjoy this gift all season.


3. A set of loving letters

Write a set of letters to your mother for different occasions in her life. For example, you could write one for “when you’re upset” or another “when you need a laugh.” This way your mother will have something written just for her when she needs it.


4. Give her a Mass card

Have a Mass, prayers, and the Eucharist offered up for your mother. This just might be the best gift of all.


5. Make her homemade chocolate covered strawberries

Already prepared chocolate covered strawberries are pricey, but if you buy the ingredients yourself, you will find that it’s both inexpensive and simple to do.


6. Write a poem

This is similar to the card, but a poem can be a fun way to express your feelings. You can make it funny or touching.


7. Make cookies!

If your mom has a sweet tooth, make her come classic chocolate chip cookies. Bonus points if you deliver them to her when they are still warm!


8. Chalk her front porch

Purchase some chalk and then go crazy chalking her front porch with a special message. This will make a fun surprise.


9. Make a personal coupon book

You probably did this when you were younger, but now that you’re older you can put some seriously helpful tasks on those coupons. For example, “vacuum out your car” and “wash, fold, and sort the laundry for a whole day” are two very popular ones in my parents’ house.


10. A free day of babysitting or animal sitting

Offer to care for the house while your mom takes a day out for herself. Bonus points if you clean the house and do laundry while she’s gone!



Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, so take one of these tasks and give it everything you’ve got. Remember, your mother gave you the greatest gift of all—the gift of life. So take some time to genuinely thank her for everything she has selflessly done for you.


And don’t forget the greatest mother of all this Mother’s Day. Mary is a wonderful example of a loving mother figure—someone who exemplifies a perfect obedience to God. Take a few minutes to learn more about Our Lady of Fatima or Our Lady of Guadalupe or to say the rosary in honor of your very own mother.






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