An article from the student-run newspaper at Clemson University demonstrates how little the typical “pro-choice” college student knows about abortion.


Remy Barnwell writes about how she was raised in a devout Catholic family, yet claims that does not make her pro-life. In fact she’s proudly pro-abortion and gives several reasons why. After reading her sadly misinformed comments, we thought it necessary to address some of her arguments and explain why she’s completely missing the mark.


Here’s her first argument on how faith defends abortion:

Where to begin? Okay first, if you are going to blindly quote Bible verses, how about you take a look at Jeremiah 1:5, which says: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” And if that doesn’t satisfy you, take a look at Psalms 127:3, which tells us: “Certainly sons are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb.” And we can read Psalms 139:13-14, which says, “You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I praise you, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are your works!” I could go on, but I think the point is rather obvious. A baby is a human person from the time he is first created, and through the writers of the Bible, God explains this to us. Understanding that killing a preborn baby is wrong and teaching this truth does not mean we are judging or condemning anyone.


Furthermore, no one is claiming to be God. If you were walking down the street and saw an innocent child being harmed, would you just stand there and say nothing? Of course not; you would run and try to save the child. The same goes for pro-lifers who stand outside abortion clinics where babies are being murdered. They do this because they know innocent people are being killed and someone needs to defend them. No, we are not God. No, we are not condemning you. We are trying to save lives.


Her second argument is the very unoriginal claim that “it’s my body, my choice.”

I’m going to take this back to seventh grade biology. Creation (conception/biological beginning) begins when a sperm and egg meet and form a single-cell embryo (a tiny human being). This living being has his own complete genetic code that decides his physical features and other information about him for the rest of his life. Twenty days after creation the baby’s heart, brain, spinal column, and nervous system are almost complete! The heartbeat has been detected as early as 18 days after creation. At week 6 after creation a preborn child’s brainwaves can be recorded. At week 8 the child’s toes, fingers, and fingerprints are well defined. He is a human baby.


At one point, the author claims that “science won.” And we agree on that point, for it takes just a few minutes to look at the Carnegie Stages of a preborn baby and realize that, yes, that baby is truly alive and truly a human being. So, indeed, science has won.


Oops another lie. Check your facts.

She argues that abortions are only legal when the fetus has no potential for human life. Does she not know that abortions are legal until the moment before birth? Abortions can happen all the way at 40 weeks. Does she not understand that every human being from his beginning has potential and that the newly created individual is not a potential human being because he is already a human being?


Again check your facts.

Planned Parenthood strategically manipulates its data so that abortions do not look like its main focus. This video explains how legally the organization can do this. And it proves that this three percent statistic is simply wrong.


She’s personally opposed to abortion?

I hear this argument in the pro-abortion community all the time: “I personally would never get an abortion, but I still believe it’s a woman’s right.” So, if you truly believe abortion is not killing a baby and are so nonchalant about it, then why are you personally against it? Is it possible deep down inside that you know the baby is a human being and that you could never live with the regret of killing your child?


This article shows that many college students live in complete ignorance when it comes to abortion and abortion-related topics. They don’t know the facts, and they believe anything and everything Planned Parenthood or their professors tell them. College is a time for young people to start thinking for themselves. It is not a time to be brainwashed. This is precisely why we create online materials, print materials, and go to schools to talk. Someone needs to educate these young adults with the truth and that is exactly what Life Defenders does!






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