I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard pro-abortion Planned Parenthood worshipers tell me that when creation (conception/biological beginning) begins is irrelevant.


The most vivid memory I have is when Cecile Richards spoke at the allegedly Catholic Georgetown University. I was outside the college protesting with others. During this protest a young man in his twenties came up to me furiously arguing that abortion is the woman’s right because it is her body. I calmly told him that it’s not only her body when she is pregnant, for at that point a second body—that of her child—is within hers. He said that the “fetus is not human yet.” I replied: “Okay, then tell me when creation of a human being begins.” He immediately put his finger in my face and advised me to not even “start with that question.”


I continued to explain that science has proven time and time again that, at creation (conception/biological beginning), a human being has been created and will continue to develop. However, he didn’t want to hear it and literally put his hands over his ears!


The sad thing is that there are many people who become furious at the creation question. It honestly makes me laugh because it’s such a simple question, yet it upsets so many.


Why do people become so defensive at this question? Could it possibly be that deep down inside they know they’re wrong? They know that at some point they must confirm that the preborn child is in fact a human being. Nobody can claim that the child becomes human at birth because that would mean that the location of the preborn child defines his humanity. We must focus on the actual human being to define his humanity. This brings us back to the starting point, and that point will always be his creation. Creation is when a human being’s life begins.


When a person’s life is wrongfully taken or mistreated, we must speak out. Pro-abortion advocates will continue claiming creation is irrelevant, but we must never stop sharing the truth.


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