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My dad is my hero. He taught me everything. He taught me how to tie my shoes, how to ride my bike, how to drive, and how to choose a career I enjoy. Most importantly, he has taught me love for our Heavenly Father and how to be rich in spirit.


My dad hasn’t made me wealthy financially, but he has helped me to become rich—overflowing with the love of our Father. It sounds cheesy, but God’s love is contagious. My dad let me catch this love on my own by teaching me how to pray as a little girl. He taught me the most valuable thing any man or woman can know—how to talk and have a relationship with God.


We all can be rich

I know very well that not every child is as fortunate as I am. Not everyone has a dad like mine to guide them to Christ. But we can all be like my father and demonstrate true Christianity to others. Through our words and examples, we can model Christ’s love and lead others to Him.


We must remember that Christ is not there for just one individual; He is there for everyone. Every single man, woman, girl, and boy has the same Father—a Father who waits with open arms for each and every one of His children.


I’m trying not to get too cliché here, but God has been waiting for you since before your creation. Before you were even in your mother’s womb, God waited patiently for you to come into this world. Even now as you read this, God wants to be close to you. He yearns for your relationship with Him. At this very moment He is calling your name.


As far-fetched or maybe as realistic as this may sound, I am telling you the absolute truth. Jesus came into the world for a purpose. He came for the salvation of our souls. He came to rescue us from sin. Jesus, as both true God and true Man, came to show us His compassion and love. He taught us that He wants a personal relationship with every human being.


So what now?

Respond to Him. That’s all you have to do. You can shut your eyes or go to a quiet place. Try to clear your mind and just talk to God. You can tell Him what’s troubling you, what’s on your mind, or what you have been tired of doing every day. Tell Him anything, everything, or nothing.


Nothing? Yep, you can just listen. Clear your head and listen for just a few minutes. He is trying to tell you something.


Whatever you do, remember that He is always calling your name. He eagerly waits for you because He wants a relationship with you. He wants you to become rich with a fire burning inside of you. And now it is your turn to make the next move.


On this Father’s Day, I would like to thank my dad for teaching me how to be rich with love for Our Father. I hope many others can experience this richness that truly transforms your life. I love you Daddy!





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