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When you think of vending machines, you think of easy-to-get snacks, right? Well, not on some college campuses.


At UC Davis, a vending machine (which also offers condoms and pregnancy tests) now offers Plan B—the “morning after pill.” This machine is located in the activities and recreation center where many students go to hang out and study. All students have to do is simply slide in $30 (which is a cheaper rate than most drug stores) and Plan B will be dispensed to them.


Unfortunately, UC Davis isn’t alone. Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania also sells Plan B from a vending machine. There it sells for $25. One student said he supports the idea and that “it’s a way for students to get the help or care they need.”


According to these schools and a handful of others, girls need Plan B from a vending machine to “help” them. The sad part about this is that young people are deluded to believe that Plan B prevents pregnancy and has no real harm. Not quite true.


Why people are misled

To understand the details behind Plan B, we must go back to 1965, when the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a Terminology Bulletin changing the definition of “conception” from the union of the sperm and egg to implantation. As a result, Planned Parenthood and many other actual medical establishments do not call the killing of a human being prior to implantation an abortion. Do you see where the manipulation comes into play?


Plan B works just like any other abortifacient drug. It can thin the lining of the uterus, therefore making implantation impossible for the newly formed baby. Even though the tiny human being has not yet implanted, he is alive and growing. Plan B can cause his death; that is an early abortion.


Don’t be fooled

Do not let the secular media or Planned Parenthood persuade you to believe that Plan B is “harmless.” Not only can it cause an abortion, but the active ingredient in Plan B, levonorgestrel, has adverse side effects such as depression, hypertension, and ovarian cysts. These risks are all multiplied with increased use. Yet advocates of the morning after pill will argue that it’s just a pill.


But this little pill can kill a human being and can cause both physical and emotional harm to women. Blindly placing Plan B on college campuses is a recipe for disaster. Women deserve better. They deserve to know the truth about what they are putting in their bodies. They deserve to know the risks and dangers. And they must understand that it simply isn’t worth it.

Header photo courtesy of Fox 40 Video




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