There is a human dignity crisis in the millennial generation.


Millennials have become desensitized to murder.

Each day we see news stories that remind us how steeped our society is in the culture of death. For instance, we recently saw the story of Michelle Carter who convinced her boyfriend over text and phone calls to kill himself. We see shows like 13 Reasons Why that elevate suicide as the answer to a teen’s problems. We live in a day and age where euthanasia is glorified as “death with dignity.” We see people like Brittany Maynard who took her life at 29 because she had terminal brain cancer. And we can’t forget Betsy Davis who had an end-of-life party where she euthanized herself at the end.


These shows, stories, and phrases such as “mercy killing” and “death with dignity” all send young people the message that life isn’t that valuable. In fact, these ideas convince young people that there might be a time in life when they begin to think life is pointless or a burden, and that, if that happens, it is okay to take your own life. How is that dignified?


The lust for perfection.

Why do people kill themselves under the facade of “death with dignity”? They do it because they feel that either their body or health is not perfect and that life has less value in this condition. They view themselves as a burden and see no value in suffering. They feel that the only way out is through suicide. This quest for perfection is the same reason why millennials take a photo 30 times until they have the best one—one which they then filter. The desire to show off the very best they have—this unattainable perfection—is overwhelming. They do not see that we are all perfect in God’s eyes and that we are never a burden to Him.


We have a generation that envies other people’s lives online and tries to always portray themselves as “perfect” on social media. It’s a generation that makes video games, Netflix, or texting a priority over spending time with loved ones. It’s a generation that tells others that suicide, abortion, or self-harm is “okay if that’s what that person wants.”


We must show respect for human dignity!

Respect for human dignity means so much more than not killing a person. It means valuing that person too. It means making friends, family, and loved ones a priority. In the end, we are all human beings with bodies and souls made in the image and likeness of God. Who are we to diminish our dignity, or our fellow brother’s dignity, by taking or devaluing a life?

When is enough going to be enough?

The human dignity crisis is why Life Defenders fights so hard against abortion, euthanasia, discrimination against those with disabilities, and contraception. All of these things diminish human dignity. Only together will we be able to create a culture that truly respects each and every person!


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