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Do you have free time this summer? Most college and high school students have a few days a week free. Why not spend at least one of those days doing easy pro-life activities? Here are 10 activities you can do this summer to help spread the loving pro-life message.


1. Pray outside an abortion clinic.

This may be out of your comfort zone, so if it is, take some friends or tag along with a church group. After all, the power of prayer is greater than anything else.

Praying outside abortion clinic


2. Make cards for new mothers in the hospital.

We have done this before and it’s super easy! Just make cheerful cards for new mothers and then take them to the maternity section of the hospital. The nurses have always joyfully taken the cards from us to deliver to mothers.

Cards for mothers


3. Watch Alison’s Choice.

How about a pro-life movie night? Pop some popcorn and watch this deeply touching film about a young mom and her choice.

Alison's Choice


4. Wear a pro-life tee out and about.

This is as easy as it gets! Pick out a pro-life tee or buy one for only $5; you never know who may be impacted by wearing a simple tee.

pro-life tees


5. Say a rosary or prayers for mothers who just discovered a surprise pregnancy.

This is a perfect task for those of us who are more introverted. Take 15 minutes to pray for new mothers who do not know what to do. Your prayers may just guide someone to choose life for her baby.



6. Draw some sweet pro-life images on your sidewalk.

Pro-life chalking is not only fun, but a great witness to life. You can do it on your driveway, around your neighborhood, or even at your school if you’re on campus during the summer.

Pro-life sidewalk chalk


7. Watch Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?

Sanger was a racist supporter of eugenics and of the practice of discriminating against the poor and people of color. She hated children and founded Planned Parenthood. This video shows you her obsession with contraception and abortion, the tie between the eugenics movement and the Nazis, and how the sexual revolution started the destruction of the feminine genius in society.

Who was the real Margaret Sanger


8. Babysit for free.

We have also done this one before! The kindness and generosity you show by babysitting for free one night shows that you have the utmost respect for parents who choose to have children.

free babysitting


9. Sidewalk counsel.

Sidewalk counseling is a way to directly save lives. It takes courage, faith, and hope, but the payoff of saving a life or putting a thought into someone’s head is priceless. If you are unfamiliar with sidewalk counseling, Sidewalk Advocates for Life has wonderful training resources.

sidewalk counseling


10. Talk to a friend who supports abortion.

Many times this is the hardest to do. Most of us know that friend who supports abortion, so how about trying to talk with that person? You can start by saying to him/her that you have been thinking about this lately and you would like to have an honest conversation. Then use these 10 tips to help guide it.

talking to abortion with friends


How many of these tasks can you do this summer? Set a goal to do a certain number and then e-mail your photos to us so we can see you in action! Be a witness for LIFE this summer! Be a LIFE DEFENDER!





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